All our Business and Career Coaches are Certified Professional Coaches

Kathy Olberts

Kathy Olberts, CPCC, MBA, is a California-based Business and Career Coach with a successful track record of partnering with clients to envision and accomplish their professional goals. With 15+ years leading a full-time coaching practice, she excels in bringing Strategy, Creativity, Positivity and High Standards to her results-focused approach. She regularly leverages her MBA and corporate Marketing, Strategy and Business Development background to her clients’ advantage.

Charles Zook

Charles Zook, CPCC, MBA, is a Leadership Coach working with clients across five continents since the late 80's. He defines Leaders as having a vision for the future that is not predictable. Are you clear about your vision for your future? Is it based upon what you have accomplished so far, or is it grounded in your values and vision for the future? Do you know how to bring that vision into reality? Are you trusting your inner wisdom and business instincts? Whether you are moving ahead in your profession, starting a new venture or honoring the way you really want to live your life, Charles has the insight, talent and experience to support the leader in you.

Sandy Sagraves

Sandy Sagraves, CSC, CTRS, is a certified Somatic Coach who has worked with thousands of individuals to find meaning, purpose, determination, and what expresses their passion during her 20 years in health care (15 at Stanford Medical Center) and 5 years in private practice. Her pragmatic and sustainable approach focuses on two groups: people with some level of trauma in their history that is limiting their forward growth, and people who want to develop a more authentic leadership presence. If something from the past is inhibiting your full expression and accomplishment, or if you are not being the natural leader you know you could be, Sandy has the ability to get you moving toward living the life you are envisioning.

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